The citizen of EU, EEA country and the Swiss Confederation apply for admission under the same conditions, including in terms of tuition fees, as the Romanian citizens.

Step I: Choose and directly contact your desired PhD coordinator

Depending on the domain of doctorate you are interested in and your specific research areas, choose and informal, directly contact by phone or E-mail the professor who you would like to be the scientific coordinator of your doctoral program. If he basically agrees to supervise your doctoral program, he will assist you from the very beginning, in the not very simple process of preparing and submitting the documentation for admission and subsequently for matriculation.

Step II: Requesting recognition of graduated studies

All EU, EEA, Swiss Confederation citizens must obtain a certificate for the recognition of graduated studies needed for admission in a Romanian higher education institution.

For detailed information about the documents included in this file application please read here.

Submitting the file to the university must be done until 15 August 2018 for the admission session from September 2018.

Step III: Submitting the application file to Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi

1 Application form (filled in 2 copies), addressed to Romanian Centre for Equivalence and Recognition of Diplomas (CNRED)– please download here.

2 When receiving the certificate(s) issued by the Romanian Centre for Equivalence and Recognition of Diplomas (CNRED) recognizing the diploma of previous studies abroad, they will be added to the admission file by the University Foreign Students’ Office.

3 The study documents (copy and legally certified translation in Romanian, English or French, if they were issued in other language):

  • the baccalaureate diploma,
  • the bachelor’s degree diploma,
  • the master’s degree diploma (or their equivalent);
4 Birth certificate (copy and legally certified translation);

5 Copy of the passport – valid at least 6 months after the application day;

6 If necessary, name change documents (marriage certificate, legal decision, etc) – (copy and legally certified translation);

7 Medical certificate (in English) to prove that the person to be registered for studies does not suffer from infectious diseases or other illnesses that are incompatible with the future profession. On the medical certificate it must be specified that ‘The candidate is not registered with mental illnesses and infectious or contagious diseases’. If the candidate is registered with mental illnesses, he / she will have to bring the psychologist’s / psychiatrist’s approval that the candidate can perform the studies to be registered to;

8 Internationally recognized English language certificate. If the candidate does not submit such a certificate, he can pass an English proficiency exam organized by our University Foreign Languages Department. This exam will be organized the day before the admission interview.

9 2 photos (3 x 4 cm);

10 Application Form addressed to Technical University of Iasi, to apply for admission colloquium in the September 2018 session PhD (doctoral) programs in English, please download here.

Step IV: Admission

The admission colloquium consists of an interview focused on the topic the candidate wishes to address and deepen during the doctoral stage.

This interview can be held directly (face-to-face with the admission committee) or on-line (using Skype).

The formula for calculating the overall average admission mark to doctoral studies is as follows:
AAM = 0.5 X Interview A +0.3 X License A + 0.2 X Dissertation A, where:

  • AAM = average admission mark;
  • Interview A = average mark obtained at interview;
  • License A = average obtained at the diploma / license exam;
  • Dissertation A = average obtained at the dissertation exam;

Step V: Matriculation and Fees

a) The academic year starts around 1 October. For the enrollment, all three main diplomas, (baccalaureate, bachelor, master) and the other documents listed in the paragraph “Step III” must be submitted in original.

b) Tuition fee is 2500 lei per year (just informative, 1 € = 4.65 lei). Tuition fee-paying students must pay in advance the first semester fee (1250 lei).